The Crypto Glow Up

I remember when I first heard about cryptocurrencies back in 2012 because it was the main focus of one of the episodes of “The Good Wife” (highly recommended btw!). Back then, I definitely didn’t think it had any future and would probably fade away. I am sure others have felt the same way at some point, but then crypto crept up on us and made it known that it’s here to stay.

Crypto in business

From gaining credibility to taking over the business world, cryptocurrencies have inserted themselves into every possible business. Even though crypto is unstable a lot of times, many businesses are still pouncing on the chance to include it in their business. There are several reasons for that mainly to attract a new demographic. And the younger generation seems to favor innovation over traditions, even when it comes to payment.

Another way crypto helps your business is by opening the vault for you! This means access to more money, more liquidity, and more assets. And of course, as we all know by now, crypto means transparency. So, let’s say there’ll be no more secrecy when it comes to revenue-sharing; everyone will know how much you’ve earned!

Businesses also seem to favor crypto because we can’t seem to escape the inflation nightmare. Such circumstances make crypto much more appealing because its value doesn’t decline with inflation. This is why it’s known as a counter-inflationary asset, FYI!

So far, many companies have hopped on the crypto wave and are accepting it as payment. From Microsoft to PayPal, Pizza Hut, Etsy, Bloomberg, and more. So many businesses could benefit from the blockchain as well; charities, for example. The blockchain would allow any donor to track their donation. They would know where their money goes, how was it used, and ensure that it ends up where it was supposed to be. Blockchain can provide accountability and transparency to address the frequent complaints about charitable donations.

While Crypto has been doing rounds among different businesses, it still has a low acceptance rate among the general population. Some countries have started to open up their doors for crypto as it is a critical part of the evolution of finance. Others have not, but with all the financial changes happening around us, it seems that crypto is here to stay!

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