The AI War: ChatGPT Vs. Bard

You don’t ever have to feel lonely anymore, not when you have chatbots! New human-like chatbots are on the rise and the AI war has started! We’ve looked at ChatGPT earlier, tried it, and loved it! Today, we’re looking to its new and upcoming competition, Bard AI.

Yes, THE Bard

When I first heard the name, I thought that it was a quirky ode to the iambic pentameter king, Willy Shakes! And, I was right-ish! The company said that it is named to be like a storyteller which is brilliant on their end!

Bard AI is an AI-powered chatbot designed by Google. It uses Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) language model. It is trained on datasets based on internet content called Infiniset.

Infiniset is basically selected internet content chosen to enhance the model’s ability to engage in dialogue. It’s still in the testing phase, but Google has released a sneak peek into what Bard is able to do and let’s say it didn’t go exactly as planned.

The tea

It started when Google’s Twitter account share this video to showcase what Bard can do and of course, they wanna show Microsoft-backed ChatGPT that they’re in the game! However, people quickly noticed the faults in their demo. The prompt given in the video was “What new discoveries from the James Webb space telescope (JWST) can I tell my nine-year-old about?” To which Bard answered that JWST was the first to take pictures of planet outside Earth’s solar system. Which is incorrect.

This one has a point...

People started clowning Google and that wasn’t the worst part… We, normal people, can learn from our mistakes. Because our mistakes won’t cost us $100 billion like Google’s, at least I hope so! Some people call it Karma since Alphabet, Google's parent company, cut about 6% of its workforce worldwide!

Even Google employees jabbed at the mistake on MemeGen, Google's internal meme generator. Some called the Bard launch, and the layoffs “rushed” and “botched”.  Another shared a meme saying that "Firing 12k people rises the stock by 3%, one rushed AI presentation drops it by 8%."It really feels like Karma at this point.

Will it survive?

Despite the error, Google isn’t going anywhere, obviously! But when it comes to chatbots, OpenAi’s ChatGPT doesn’t even see Bard as a competition! And it seems that Google’s competitive edge has got the best of it in the end!

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