Tech & Expats

The time of family gatherings is upon us. But some of us have loved ones abroad, either studying, working, or just living. Sure, we miss them, but tech has allowed us to be just a little bit closer to them!

1. Money on deck

Living abroad is great but it’s not heaven! Fintech has made it easier for expats to send and receive money with low fees than regular banks. They also offer better exchange rates as well!

2. Communication

Even if you have no one that lives abroad, we have all lived through the “Zoom” era. Though I don’t want it to return in the workplace context, it’s certainly a plus to make you feel closer to your loved ones. Whether it’s social media or Zoom-like apps, they have helped to reduce the feelings of isolation and homesickness that many expats experience.

3. Remote work

Ever since the pandemic, remote work has been on the rise. Some expats had the opportunity to continue doing their job even if they aren’t in the country. This has made it easier for expats to maintain a stable income while living abroad.

4. E-Wallets:

E-Wallets have allowed expats to save, spend, and manage their money in one place. E-wallets really come in handy, especially for expats who’re always travelling. No more hassle about exchanging currencies, checking your balance from all your accounts separately, and just more easy access to your money anywhere, anytime!

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