Side Hustles for Extra Income

7 (not so deadly) ways of making ends meet

It’s that glorious time in college, and you’re still partying like it’s 1999 (I know I sure did). Schoolwork is coming together nicely, and everything is stacked up for blue skies and green fields. Something always, however, seems to linger in the background; making ends meet is usually the tricky part in those otherwise great times. But it doesn’t have to be. Below is a complete list of some sleight of hand tricks that’ll keep the food on the table:

1.    Manage social media for small businesses. It seems like a golden gig, doesn’t it? What do we do more than waste time on social media? Many small businesses look for social media managers to post on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s your time to shine.

2.    Rent a spare room on Airbnb. There’s always the downside of occasionally renting a room to a serial killer. Normally, though, renting out an extra room on Airbnb or any other platform is usually a great way to make some cash on the side.

3.    Tutor over Zoom. What better way to brag about your ninja-like skills and know-how than tutoring them over Zoom? You can help the younger folks with their Math, English, or for the brave, more complicated topics like Economics or Physics.

4.    Start a blog. This one, of course, is a personal favourite and for good reason. Blogs are a fun way of self-expression, expanding your knowledge base, and creating a fanbase of tech and lifestyle enthusiasts. If you do it right, you can watch the money roll in.

5.    Walk dogs. No, I’m not ‘pulling your chain.’ If you have a soft spot for the furry creatures, walking dogs in your compound could be a fun way to make some extra cash.

6.    Teach Languages. If you are a wizard with words and can speak a foreign language (or even Arabic), you can teach foreigners or natives the little ins and outs of your talent. You can do this online or in person.

7.    Become an affiliate marketer. I’ve personally done this through college, and I have to tell you, the money is there. Affiliate marketing is a booming sector, and demand surely outweighs supply. The trick is not to get too drawn to the pie-in-the-sky hopes of making it without putting in the effort.

At first, it can all seem a little overwhelming: cash inflows and outflows, budgeting, saving, etc. However complicated it all may seem, getting back to the basics is a sure way of nicely bringing your personal finances together. We’re often too overwhelmed early on in our lives with the idea of bringing in money that we forget the golden rule: If you’re selling, someone is always buying.

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