The Rise of AI

ChatGPT has created insurmountable buzz and excitement. But then, when the air started to calm down, people began to panic a bit. They began thinking that what we thought were stable jobs are now threatened. I mean, ChatGPT is not the beginning and it certainly isn’t the end! The tech revolution is just getting started! So, it begs the question, is AI going to replace us?

History lesson

When we look back, tech has definitely shaken up the workforce. Changes were made and replacements also took place. I mean, in some places cashiers, customer service, and food service employees, have been replaced with automation. Sure, it’s not widespread so far, but that all depends on the infrastructure of a country and the people’s acceptance rate of AI as well. Right now, there’s Amazon Go which alone replaces all three of the above-mentioned jobs.

The Next Takeover

The thing with AI and tech is that we love it until it impacts our livelihood. By the look of it, it could happen. If we already have self-checkout in food chains, there’s no guarantee that it wouldn’t seep into other industries. Even banks, there’re now automated banks, you don’t have to wait in line to inquire about something or deposit/withdraw money. Hell! Look at ChatGPT, it could even replace my job, but is it? Only time will tell!

Based on research the most likely jobs that AI will take over in the future are *drum rolls sound*; translators, waiters, bookkeepers, research analysts, stock traders, travel agents (though, they haven’t been popular for a while), and secretaries or administrative assistants. Now, there’re also some jobs that are considered to be “AI-proof.” Such jobs include; doctors, therapists, lawyers, musicians, actors, artists, and any job that requires creativity. That is what the research says!

But is it?

There’s a probability that AI will take over some jobs, but it’s definitely reaching with some other jobs. For instance, translating programs have been existing for quite some time, but there’s no way in hell that they’d replace translators. It’s an art itself, AI cannot understand tone, context (not all AI, though), and the ever-evolving languages and new terms. The same goes for writers, chefs, and even banks. If one thing we know for sure about tech is that it’s manmade and it’s prone to err, sooner or later.

AI can help us in many ways, it can be used as a link between us and the end result whatever it may be. However, it cannot completely replace us, many jobs or even tasks require empathy alongside efficacy and AI will never be a match for human empathy or creativity. After all, it was created by us.

Even ChatGPT agrees!

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