Rich? In This Economy?!

New year, new devaluation of the EGP! Did you expect anything else?! Hopefully, not the only change we’ll see in 2023! Now, you’re probably tired of listening to people telling you to save every dime you have especially if you’re still in uni. or fresh out of it and have no dimes to save. But, would you believe me if I told you that wealth comes from within? No?! Good job, so here are some ways that could make you feel rich for free!

1.      Marie Kondo your life!

Messy lives are only glamorous on TV shows and only when the focus is the main character. Feeling rich means being free of chaos and feeling calm. Psychologically speaking, having a good clean home environment can affect your overall state of mind.  Are you still working from home? You might be feeling a bit iffy if you’re not happy with your home office space! Just like you make time for your friends, make time for your home. You never know what 20 minutes of beautifying your home would do to your mental health!

2.      Instagramable life

Ever wondered why aesthetic Instagram feeds get more engagement and followers? It’s because they sell a cohesive tranquil vibe! having a home aesthetic or a color scheme can make you feel good. Making a color palate for your outfits or your home can make you mentally confident in your choices and behavior. Just think of how you feel when you wear something that you don’t feel comfortable in. You feel small and timid. And that certainly is not how you want to feel at home, so get that paint bucket and Instagram your life!

3.      Be in control of your money

I don’t know you, but for a while, you and I were sort of richer than Britney Spears! You know, before she finally got out of that horrendous conservatorship. If you don’t know what that is, a quick review is that she basically had no control over her money or any life decision! This just proves how even making little tiny financial decisions can make you feel empowered. The feeling of richness comes from being in control of your finances no matter how big or little they are. What should you do? Maybe by tracking your spending, accepting your current budget, having a debt-repayment plan, and don’t fall into the financial peer-pressure trap!

4.      Treat Yo Self

Being in control of your finances is not the same as being rigid! One way to feel rich is to enjoy your life! Whether it’s an impromptu lunch, buying a gift for yourself, or even seeing a movie! Creating a guilt-free space for your spending lifts your mood, improves your mental health, and still makes you feel in control of your finances.

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