'Tis the Season of Tech

‘Tis the season of gift giving, Peppermint Mocha, and finals! So many emotions in a short span of time! Holidays are definitely not the same as they used to be and tech certainly has a role in it. Here’s how tech changed the holiday season for the better… or the worse depending on your perspective!

1. Last-minute shopping

We have a very busy life, so we’re bound to forget a few things along the way! This could be your keys, a deadline, or sometimes a holiday gift. Luckily, e-commerce has got your back! Instead of roaming the store looking for the perfect gift, you could easily find it online and at a competitive price as well! So, it not only saves your relationships but also your money!

2.     Festive Savings

Since we tend to go all out at holidays, there’s a big room for splurging! Tech has changed the way businesses operate, from targeted advertisement to mega sales and promotions. The pool of customers has grown with such techniques, especially e-mail marketing, as it reaches millions of people across the world.

3.     Techy Holidays

Even if you’re an old soul who prefers to shop at actual stores, I bet that you’d still go to the Apple store or something like it, at least! Smartphones, laptops, wireless headphones, tablets, and so on have become a part of the holiday gift guide. You can even gift a streaming service subscription to your friends and family! So long are the days of sentimental gifts or cars!

4. Mariah Carey

Are there really people who still listen to the radio?! Everyone is streaming now, it’s literally all your favorite songs just a click away! This brings us to holiday songs! Maybe she hasn’t released any new music recently, but one thing Mariah knows how to do is a Christmas song! She is the queen of streaming at Christmas. EVERY. YEAR! She recently dethroned Taylor Swift who dominated the Billboard Hot 100 top ten spots with tracks from her latest album, Midnights. All Mariah wants for Christmas is to rule it!

4.     Home Alone & Co.

What are holidays without holiday movies and shows? A regular day. One of the new traditions that tech introduced the new generations to is one of holiday media. Whether it’s the One Where Rachel Quits, Home Alone, or Moroccan Christmas, streaming services are here for you!

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