Nexta 101: What You Want to Know

So, you’re ready to take your finances to the next level. Of course, Nexta is your fintech of choice, duh! Exciting as it is, your head must be buzzing with questions on how to sign up to get your card and if it’s easy to link to freelancer’s favourite; PayPal! Well, we’re here to guide you on all things Nexta.


Getting your Nexta card is as easy as riding a bike. All you need to do is to download the app, upload your ID, and pick up your card from selected TBS and Coffee Berry spots. Which spots you ask? Well, you’ve got five to choose from:

· TBS Korba (Heliopolis)
· TBS Degla (Maadi)
· TBS Square One (New Cairo)
· Coffee Berry Arkan (Sheikh Zayed)
· Coffee Berry Zamalek

You can meet us from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM and don’t forget to grab a free coffee along with your card!😉 All you got to do is to show your national ID card to receive your free Nexta card and level up your financial life. And for those who are not in Cairo or Giza, worry not, my friends. Soon Nexta will be available all over Egypt.

Level Up!

Now, you’ve got your Nexta card and are ready to take back control over your finances, you can manage everything through your Nexta app.

· You can link your bank cards or PayPal to your Nexta card.
· Deposit money from your bank to your Nexta card in minutes.
· Use Fawry code 46688 or Banque Misr ATM to deposit to your Nexta card.
· Request and transfer money from one Nexta card to the other.
· Shop online, offline, locally, or abroad. The sky is your limit.
· Track and manage your spending in real-time!