Next-generation Entrepreneurs: Five Young Egyptians Making Waves in the Ecosystem

Starting your own business can be a very challenging task. In an ever-changing ecosystem, the road is full of uncertainties. Yet, it is the very willingness to take a risk and the power of self-belief that has led many entrepreneurs to succeed against unlikely odds.

At Nexta, we like to celebrate the bold young calibers who are making waves and choosing to create change for the betterment of society.

So, here’s to them- the next-generation entrepreneurs.

  • Sarah Abouelkhair- Co-founder of 2ool AMeme

Known as the ‘NASA girl’, Sarah Abouelkhair is not your typical entrepreneur. Thousands believe that NASA was using her idea to have a BBQ party under a space rocket.  In reality, Abouelkhair was conducting a social experiment on the viral spread of fake news.

The multi-hyphenate architect is also the creator behind Egypt’s most famous card game, 2ool AMeme. As well as running her own business, Abouelkhair is pursuing a master’s degree in Architecture from Columbia University.

  • Farida El Araby & Alia Tobala- Nebny

Born out of a desire to introduce the concept of sustainability to children, Farida El Araby and Alia Tobala founded Nebny, a brand producing sustainable cardboard toys for youngsters. El Araby and Tobala- both in their 20s- created the perfect mix between entertainment and education so children can enjoy playing sustainably.

  • Salma Medhat & Ahmed Hisham- Matkhafeesh

Salma Medhat and Ahmed Hisham are fighting sexual harassment one click at a time. Matkhafeesh (meaning “Don’t be afraid”) is Egypt’s first anti-sexual harassment app, providing sexual assault survivors with legal, mental, and social assistance. The female Co-founder, Salma, recently won the Overall Platinum GlobalWIIN Award 2021, making her one of the pioneers utilising technology for women’s safety in Egypt. Medhat is also the first-place winner of Avon Egypt and Entreprenelle’s Social Challenge 2020. Moreover, the brilliant minds behind the app have successfully collected a fund of one million EGP from ElForsa, an Egyptian competition that aims to support entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

  • Farah Selim- CO-55

Although she was expected to join a well-established family business in real estate, Farah Selim chose instead to pave her own path and create something of her own. Along with her brother, Farah founded CO-55, an inclusive co-working space for young professionals and startups to bloom.

  • Shahenda Shawki- Smack that Scrub

In 2018, Shahenda Shawki decided to make the university project she was working on a reality and launch her own brand, Smack that Scrub. Smack that Scrub is a skincare company providing all-natural skincare products made locally in Egypt. Determined to keep going, Shawki kept her day job as a graphic designer and worked on Smack that Scrub after hours.

Almost four years later, Shawki’s brand is renowned for creating all-natural scrubs.

If you’re an entrepreneur yourself or one of your friends is starting his/her own business, then contact us for a chance to be celebrated and featured on Nexta’s website. Let’s empower the next-generation entrepreneurs.

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