Here’s How Nexta Takes Customer-Centricity to the Next Level

Personalised customer service is often outlined as calling your customers by their first name or sending in a promo code on their birthdays. Yet, we take this concept much further. At Nexta, we are working around the clock to provide you with a tailor-made banking experience that caters to your individual needs. You are our main focus, and your wants are a top priority. You are the center of our universe, literally, and here is how:

  1. Budget, the way you like

We will help you buy the car of your dream. Sounds too good to be true, right? Nope amigo, it is true. Nexta will provide you with rewards and offers based on your purchasing history and your budget goal. So, if you aim to save up for a black Range Rover, the app will automatically reward you with discounts and offers at renowned car dealers. The same goes with anything you wish to buy, whether it is a new laptop or the latest pair of Nike Jordan.

2. Adios bureaucracy

Who doesn’t like waiting zillion working days to get approved for a loan? Or waiting in a long queue to stamp a paper and ends up leaving? Been there, done that. Well, we have got your back. Nexta offers an automated process for all financial services, ranging from getting a Nexta card to peer to peer money transfer. Our app brain works with an AI-based decision engine, so it would recognise your daily habits and adjust accordingly. You can also track your spending, control your card’s limit, and get supplementary cards, just a click away.

3. Deluxe UX (Pun intended)

Thanks to our amazing multi-disciplinary design team, the back-office operations are done in a very aesthetic yet efficient way. Taking a user-centered approach, the app’s design is comprehensive and prioritizes your unique preferences.

4. Omnichannel

“Omnichannel” seems like a term that belongs to the sophisticated tech lingo. It is not. Let’s break it down. Omni means “in all ways,” so the word roughly indicates “all the channels.” In other words, “Omni-channel” signifies the integration of different platforms to provide the most convenient custom-made banking experience. Huh? Let’s simplify it. Our brain app is constantly developing to know what you like and cater to your interests by analyzing your activity on different channels. Plus, as a user, you have endless choices. You can contact us through various channels, including the bot, our social media accounts, and much more. We are everywhere. Everything is connected.

5. Trust issues?

When it comes to money, one has to be extremely wary. I would be skeptical too of any offered Fintech services. Yet, there is no need for worrying. Nexta has been licensed by the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE). We passed all the tests and met all the needed requirements. You are in good hands, and the CBE approves.

6. Humanising banking

Banking is stereotyped for being a dull paper-based process. Well, we have spiced things up a little. Nexta provides you with Spotify’s wrapped list: the sole difference is that it is for your spending. How cool is that? Now, you can know what type of spender you are, based on your purchasing history. And, you can share it with your circle too. *Instantly signs up*

We genuinely focus on your needs each step of the way. And, we would love to hear from you, even if you want to discuss why Earth is not flat. We are here for you. Hit us up at:

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