Boss Ladies by Day, Mommies by Night: Meet Nexta’s Super Moms

“Mothers are superheroes,” they say, and Nexta’s working moms are no exception. Juggling a nine-to-five job while bringing up kids is indeed a superpower. So, in celebration of Mother’s Day, I had a chat with Soha and Samaa, two Nextan mothers, at the heart of our operations team. They shared their take on Nexta’s work culture for working moms and how they gracefully do it all. Let’s dig deeper to know their secret power.

Question: Can you walk us through what a typical working day is like for you?

Answer: Soha: “I usually start my day early. I wake up at 5:30 am, prepare the day’s lunch, then wake up my 7-year-old and 3-year-old for school. Afterwards, I get ready to go to work. Fast forward eight hours later, I come back home and help my kids do their homework. It is like you have another job with a night shift.”

Samaa: “I wake up at 6 am, prepare my son’s lunchbox, then I go about my day. Some days I leave work on time and others I leave late, but no matter what I have my priorities set and manage to balance them all."

Q: How do you balance work and raising your kids?

A: Soha: “It is an extremely challenging task. I try to fix my working hours by coming early to the office, so I can leave before my kids come back from school. Also, I always do meal prep on the weekends. So, I would have a reasonable load over the week.”

Samaa: “Wow, that’s a tough one. I balance my time by distributing my workload. For example, I might work after hours somedays, so I would be able to leave on time on the days my 11-year-old has after-school activities.”

Q: What kind of support do working moms need?

A: Soha: The word “Thank you” is magical. Being a working mom is not easy. So, being appreciated goes a long way.”

Samaa: “I agree with Soha. Yet, for me, it is more important to get appreciated by my son than any other person. He should know that I am doing it all just for him. As for work, I believe that your boss must be understandable and flexible when you can’t be 100 percent available all the time.”

Q: What advice would you give to working moms?

A: Soha: “Choose a family-friendly job that is convenient with your lifestyle. I worked in banking for many years, and it was extremely challenging to manage my time. I always came home late, which is unsuitable if you are a mom.”

Samaa: “I like to view it as stages. In the first stage, when your child is younger, you need to stay in your comfort zone, as you will have credits to leave early, and so on. Yet, when your child becomes more independent, that is the perfect time to get out of your comfort zone and start seeking new opportunities.”

Q: As working moms, how do you find Nexta’s work culture?

A: Soha: “It is too early to tell. I have been a Nextan for only one month. Yet, there are no obstacles so far. Thankfully, my manager and the COO are extremely supportive and understanding which empowers me to give my best.”

Samaa: “We, the working moms, support each other. It is like a “bro code.” As for the work culture, I think, at this current stage, it is extremely promising.”

Q: How can Nexta improve to better support working moms?

A: Soha: “I would love to work from 8-to-4 instead of 9-to-5, so I can leave before my kids come back from school. Also, I would suggest offering working moms special rates and packages at daycare and nurseries near the office.”

Samaa: “I would love to have the option to work from home if needed.”

Q: Soha, you have a 3-year-old daughter. What would you tell her if she decided to work and have kids?

“Every female should have a career, as it helps her build an independent personality. Yet, I will tell her to choose a job that would be convenient if she decided to have kids.”

Q: What advice would you give to women in general?

Soha: “Make sure that you are passionate about your job. It shouldn’t be a load.”

Samaa: “You should enjoy working, so you wouldn’t be stressed or overwhelmed. Life is already stressful, so choose your job wisely.”

Q: Samaa, as the Head of Card Operations, would you hire another working mom in your team?

“Of course, I would hire another fellow working mom in a heartbeat.”

Happy Mother’s Day to those who take work calls while picking up the kids from school, the selfless ones with two search bars: one for an excel sheet and the other for a chocolate cake recipe. Here’s to you. Here’s to every working mom, who excels in her job and still shows up for her kid every freaking day. Soha and Samaa, you are truly my favorite superheroes.

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