Five Reasons Why You Need Nexta in Your Life

We all have a barrage of apps on our phones that basically do the same thing and are for the most part unremarkable; the struggle is real folks. Platforms require app downloads at both sides of the aisle to work and more often than not these apps are used once to serve a single purpose and then just lay there gathering dust. But every once in a while, things get shaken up.

Nexta is a banking platform that streamlines traditional banking functions through digital channels. Big words, right? Let’s break it down.

Think of what a bank basically does and imagine if you had the power to do it straight from your phone, without the hassle. And that’s not even the good part, Nexta comes fully loaded with all the bells and whistles that make it an essential.

So, let’s get down to it, here are five reasons why Nexta is your next go-to:

Get paid in seconds

Think flat tire! It’s 2am, you’re on your way back from Sahel and cash is running low. You call up a friend or family member, or request a payment through the app and the money comes rolling in seconds. All the better yet, the app sends you a notification when the money has arrived so you wouldn’t have to frantically check it every 20 seconds.

One card to rule them all

So, the car got going again but it’s a new day now and you’ve just had a rib-eye steak at Chili’s (and yes, I did make a Lord of the Rings reference in the title). The bill arrives and the pressure is on since you tear through your many cards while the waiter gives you ‘the stinky eye’. Nexta’s done you better. Nexta lets you combine all your cards into one super-card that you can just pop up when it’s time to pay.

Never miss a bill

As Egypt charges on towards 1's and 0's, bills are becoming less and less on paper and more in the digital. But with so many of them it’s a surprise we could even keep track. Nexta lets you plan, schedule and pay bills instantly with a tap.

Solid Security

Let’s be real for a second. When it comes to dealing with your hard-earned cash there can’t be any cutting corners. With state-of-the-art biometrics, facial recognition and fingerprint, not even a computer whiz-kid can get through.

Any ATM Worldwide

We all love that occasional winter trip to Beirut; the ice caps are building up and Christmas is around the corner. But you’ve got emergency cash to worry about, traditional overseas money transfer methods are slow and pricey. Nexta’s cut through it all with a card that works with any ATM worldwide.

In reality this blog post was so easy to write it basically wrote itself. I had to keep it short and simple and took on the job of choosing just five reasons of why nexta should be your next choice. In reality, Nexta comes with an endless list of gimmicks that puts the users at the heart of it all, and it’s just getting started.

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