Fintech & Motherhood

Are you still surfing the web trying to get a mother’s day gift so you wouldn’t end up purchasing yet another cookware item at the end? Me too, so I can’t help you with this type of gift. However, one thing that you might want to add to your gift is a fintech crash course for your mom.

Moms have always been here for us through the good, the bad, the thick, and the thin. Now, fintech is here for them! Here’s how fintech makes their lives easier.

1. Digital wallets

By having a digital wallet, it can be easier for her moms to manage all their accounts and spending in no time. No more forgetting wallets at home or dropping them. Moms do carry the whole family on their backs, this is just one less thing they have to carry.

2. Budget apps

Mothers love lists! Grocery list, shopping list, ‘the essentials’ list, bills-to-pay list, and debt/tuition list, just to name a few. Budget apps bring all of these lists in one place so they can keep track of their spending and never forget an item! These apps can also allow moms to set financial goals and track their progress towards achieving them.

3. Investment apps

Investors are no longer just people in suits. Sometimes they are in a casual outfits carrying one baby backpack and a handbag, and have at least one sticky stain on their outfits. Yes, mothers can start investing today in an easy and uncomplicated way. Investment apps have made it incredibly easy to invest in stocks, bonds, and other securities with low-risk investments. Not just that, but some apps even offer educational resources to help moms learn about investing.

4.      Crowdfunding

So many moms out there can struggle to find a job as there’s a weird stigma around hiring mothers at work and I’m like 100% sure that this sigma was created by someone who has a mother! So many moms nowadays have the talent and the ability to start their own businesses but they lack the funding. Crowdfunding apps allow moms to gather all the funds they need to launch their project or business and slap the patriarchy in its face.

There are more and more benefits that moms could get from mixing fintech with their hectic life and that will make it less hectic probably. So, while you’re online shopping (again, another perk of fintech), keep in mind to take a few minutes to get your mom into fintech.

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