Fintech & Football: An Unlikely Partnership

Fire and ice. Cats and dogs. Withdrawing money from the ATM and privacy. Some things are just not meant to be together. But sometimes, once in a blue moon, that invisible barrier can be broken as it did with fintech and football.

The crossover

I know it’s hard to believe because if fintech and football were people, they would definitely not run in the same circles. But somehow, they managed to get together. How? Why? When? So many questions! Well, they are both pretty popular. Fintech is on the rise and will probably not die down anytime soon, if ever! Football is the most popular sport of all time. Even if you’re not a football fan, you will have some knowledge about it, about the players, the teams, the world cup… it’s unavoidable.

From cashless stadiums, fan tokens, Bitcoin bonuses, BNPL services, and even sponsorships; fintech has managed to slide into the football field. Speaking of sponsorship, Starling neo bank became the first-ever banking sponsor for the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Women’s EURO tournament.

Reaping the benefits

The beauty of this unlikely partnership is that winning is a two-way street. For fintech companies, being associated with a football club is a free advertisement which is as important as the actual deal. For football clubs, fintech can massively improve the fan experience and monetize it. Through fintech, teams earn a lot of money through various channels such as fan tokens and NFTs to name a few.

What the future holds

The digital revolution is still making waves across industries and fintech is here to stay. The large pool of possibilities for fintech football is endless. This partnership will certainly bring new energy to the beautiful game and take sports to the next level.

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