Financial Fasting During Ramadan

T’is the season of family gatherings, grand meals, delicious sugary desserts, and decorated streets wherever you go! Ramadan is just around the corner, and excitement is in the air but it is a bit fogged with the dreadful expenses. Not to worry, you can still enjoy Ramadan on a budget, here’s how!

1. Recycle > upgrade

When it comes to Ramadan, the majority likes to go all out spending money on the newest and largest lantern they can get their hands on. Buying new decorations and falling into the aesthetic Instagram feed scheme is one trap you should avoid. Reuse your old decorations, lanterns, lights, and table runner instead of buying new ones.

2. Dish parties

Sharing is caring and it’s even better when it’s during Ramadan. Instead of going overboard by overspending way beyond your means for just one large gathering, throw a dish party. That way, everyone will bring something unique, no one would have to carry the financial burden alone, and cooking and cleaning would be much easier as well!

3. Deals & coupons

Any celebration is met with banners and banners of sales which are tempting. You should absolutely take advantage of these deals. But always keep in mind to spend in moderation. Make use of the Ramadan spirit and values while shopping, so practice mindfulness and self-control. Even though discounts are a great way to save, if you go overboard, you’ll end up fasting even after Ramadan!

4. Desert the Desserts

Obviously, I’m not telling you to not eat desserts during Ramadan, that’s insane! But, every Ramadan, a few restaurants come up with “creative” overpriced desserts and everyone goes feral for them. It started with the Mango Kunafa (disgusting in my opinion), and just went downhill from there! Does the hype worth the price? In most cases, the answer is no. Going to the basics is okay too, not everything has to be covered in cheese or filled with every ingredient known to man to be good!

5. Skip suhoor

Again, not literally! Lavish suhoor is one thing you should skip. I mean for one thing; do you really have the energy to stay out so late until 4 am and then get 2 hours of sleep before going to work or university? How? And let’s face it, lavish suhoor is literally everyman’s breakfast but social media made it pricier. Are you really willing to pay EGP 100 for an omelette that you could easily have made it at home? In this economy?!

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