Everything about freelance

Freelancing seemingly popped out of nowhere and has since become an industry that everyone is trying to break into. It changed all the rules of the game in regards to employment & income. If you’re part of the up-and-coming Gen Z workforce, chances are good that you’re a freelancer and if you’re not part of this generation you’re probably interested in learning more about it. So, we’ve gathered all the tips that may help you out.

1. Plan your financials right

Freelance work, in general, is not guaranteed. One month you may be working very well then, the other not so well. So, it’s important that you plan your spending right because you never know how the upcoming months play out.

2. You are your own boss

As much as this can be seen as a huge advantage, it puts an extra pressure on the freelancer. There’s no manager above you to guide you or follow up on your work, which is why you should manage and organize your efforts correctly. You should have the “work smart, not hard” kind of mentality.

3. Avoid any distractions

How many times did you submit a late paper, task, assignment just because you were too distracted with scrolling through your Instagram or calling your best friend for hours? Many, I’m sure. In a world full of distractions, nothing is easier than getting distracted and postponing your work till tomorrow, especially when you don’t have a manager guiding you. This is why you should set a fixed time for yourself each day dedicated to work, just like the normal working hours.

4. Work in an outdoor setting

If you’re just like me, then you find it pretty hard to be productive and motivated whilst working from home. Therefore, I advise you to go somewhere with a good internet and nice coffee, this will improve your mood and give you a fresh start to your day.

5. Write Contracts

One should not forget that this is still a job and requires contracts to avoid any future problems with clients. Contracts should include terms, amendments and all the details because you can’t fully trust everyone at the end of the day.

6. Take deposits first

Let me tell you from previous experiences, it’s very important to take a deposit before working and submitting any of your work and even submit the high quality one after getting the whole amount.

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