Beginners Guide to Hustling

There’s nothing better than being your own boss, choosing your hours, and your paycheck! This is just one of the reasons why both millennials and Gen Zers are getting into the habit of freelancing. So, where to begin exactly? Well, here are a few opportunities you don’t want to miss!

Teaching online

Ever since COVID-19, online teaching came and it’s here to stay. People might have doubted the efficacy of online teaching before the pandemic. But, now it’s all the hype; convenient, efficient, and available everywhere. If you have a skill, a language or a talent that you can teach; go for it. For language teaching you can check out Engoo and Cambly; for your talents, check out Skillshare and Udemy.

Drive your car

This is literally one of the easiest side hustles you can do with good pay! All you need is a car and the ability to drive safely. You get to work while exploring a little bit of the city every time.

Content curator

This is a perfect job for Gen Zers. No one knows the ins and outs of social media better than the digital natives. This is a job that will not only add to your resume, but it is a job that will never go out of business. Can you think of any thriving business without a social media account? Exactly!

Find a part-time job

You don’t have to start your side hustle from scratch, you can always use a helping hand. This help could be any business that needs a part-timer. The best part about part-time jobs is the variety. You can be a barista, writer, editor, account manager, and many many more.


Okay! I take it back, this is probably the easiest side hustle that you can find, not Uber. Easy sign-up steps, free and short guide, and high pay. What more can you want! Many websites offer this type of service as well such as; GoTranscript and Transcribeme.

Sell your stuff

Admit it, somewhere in your house, there’s an item that you deeply regret buying. Perhaps you bought it in a moment of euphoria thinking it will change your life and then you found out that there’s no such thing. Or maybe you hoard tons of items, clothes, and furniture that you no longer need. This is just money lying around and this is your sign to sell your stuff.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer thrifting to buying new things. Not only because it’s the better financial move, but it is also the sustainable move. #Vintage

Unlike passive income, side hustles will bring you money faster. But both of them will add to your professional skills and bank account.

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