Autism, Money, & Financial Inclusivity

April is Autism Awareness Month. A time to recognize the challenges autistic individuals face on a daily basis. Some of these challenges are financial challenges. We’re gonna explore some of these challenges from finding employment to navigating the financial system.

1. Marginalization

For autistic individuals, financial inequality starts early and grows with them. One main reason for that is that societies are built with only “neurotypicals” in mind.  In turn, it increases the number of barriers and obstacles they face. Even with Autism Awareness Month, some obstacles remain immovable.

2. Education costs

Education has become an expensive necessity over time. Yet for autistic individuals, it has become even more so. Some may need to hire an aide, have special education, or support services. All of these things can be costly, and with being marginalized, it’s not easy to gain financial assistance.

3. Employment discrimination

Of course, one of the big things autistic individuals face is finding employment. Many employers don’t give a chance to autistic employees and discriminate against them despite being qualified employees. However, employers’ prejudice should have no room in the hiring process.

4. Healthcare

Another way society contributes to alienating autistic individuals is clear in the healthcare field. Individuals on the spectrum may need special medical care or therapies which these things are not a luxury. However, insurance doesn’t always cover the gigantic costs despite them being an absolute necessity.

5. No support

All of these challenges further instil the lack of support for autistic individuals. In a work setting, employers would choose profit over individuals’ needs. Capitalism, of course, plays a huge role in that. It could even lead to work exploitation of autistic individuals particularly those who are non-verbal.

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