A Working Student: Pros & Cons

From a day full of lectures, homework & writing papers to side hustle jobs — this seems like the new normal college experience for students. Unless you are the chill student that procrastinates their way through college -just like me. Generally, students, nowadays, love to feel independent and in control, which is why they start looking for part-time jobs during their college years. But there are other angles like; how one can balance work and education while keeping their social life. Is it worth the hassle? These are all questions that I’ll be trying to answer by discussing the obvious pros, like making money, to some of the less obvious ones, like mastering important soft skills that one needs for their future career. In the next lines, we will learn about the positive takeaways of working while studying.

1. Earning Extra Income:

A little extra money never hurt anybody! One of the most prominent advantages of working while studying is that you will be able to secure additional income that you can spend during the study period. Whether this money is for basic needs or just a way for a more luxurious life, it’s always a plus.

2.  Gain professional experience

Professional experience doesn’t necessarily have to be directly related to one’s major or desired career path. Any job in the world can provide students with transferable skills, whether professional or personal. All these skills can give you a competitive edge when applying to other jobs post-college.

3.  Understanding the market

Experience gained in the professional world will definitely help students adapt better once they’ve secured a job, as they would have a background and understanding of how the process works. Expectations, changes, processes are all aspects that students may find difficult at first in the working environment. Working while still in college eliminates this confusion.

4.  Expand your network

Expanding your circle both professionally and socially is another undeniable benefit of working while in college. When it comes to the professional networking aspects, you never know how the connections you make can help you down the line or throughout your career. This is why it’s very important to be open and make friendships when working.

5.  Gain Personal Skills

Working at an early age will not only help you gain work experience and technical skills, but it will also add to your personal skills such as time management, patience, and responsibility. Students think that the pressure and lifestyle of the university are the same as work but let a fresh grad tell you that dealing with co-workers is different than dealing with classmates, just as dealing with a manager is not the same as dealing with a university professor.

Despite all the advantages that you will gain during your working as a student, there are also some major watch-outs. Lack of time for studying, socializing, and basically doing any other activities. Also, remember to put stress into the equation. If it is not worth it, then it is not worth it! Mental health is above all, which is why you should examine your current situation before making any decision. At the end, one should always remember that they are still students & the number one priority is to focus on their studies.

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