TechTainment: A Match Made in Heaven

Whether it’s artificial intelligence (AI), big data, or even NFTs, technology is transforming every industry around us and entertainment is no different! Let’s see how tech has transformed the industry and along with it, our experience.

1.    AI knows best

The old saying “mother knows best” has become outdated and replaced with AI at least when it comes to the entertainment industry! It knows your likes, dislikes, your moods, and sometimes it has a better insight into your emotions than your significant other! AI changed and will continue to revolutionize the industry through three main functions; recommendation, voice recognition, and media automation. Any streaming service has made a lot of investments in recommendation tech because it’s basically their money maker! Just look at your Netflix account and your best friend’s and I dare you to tell me that they’re the same!

Even if both you and your best friend somehow have an identical Netflix homepage, AI will tailor snippets of movies or music that are most likely to appeal to each of you in previews and thumbnails. Because it knows best!

As our generation is all about efficiency and speed, voice-over is probably gonna pop up soon. More people are into voicing their services than typing, and it’s more inclusive as well.

2. NFTs

The blockchain has everyone in chains including the entertainment world. Celebrities' NFTs are likely to become more popular in the future. They’re basically NFTs that are either created, promoted, or owned by celebrities. Stardom holds a power that affects the value of an NFT, just like Messi increased the value of the Messiverse simply because he’s Messi and that was even before Argentina beat France in the World Cup!

3.    Control the storyline

We’ve all watched Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and if not, then you must have heard of it. Bandersnatch illustrates Stefan’s complex journey as he tries to develop an interactive computer game in 1984. Mixed with his difficult relationship with his father, new boss, and colleague, Colin. It’s unlike any other show however as you – the viewer- control what happens next. How so? Netflix developed a new tech – now known as “the branch manager.” This tech was developed to support the showrunner Charlie Brooker’s vision and non-linear narrative. And so, every viewer will be able to control the plot and the characters just like in a video game, and thus, there will be variations of the storyline.

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