5 Ways to Cope with the $24 Mark

Winter blues came early this year and manifested as the Egyptian pound breaking the $24 mark! It’s safe to assume that the majority of millennials and Gen Z are in distress. And when in distress, you need to be frugal.

1.      Alternatives

There’s this trademark long sigh you make every time the dollar goes up and your currency goes down. Consider this your sign to start looking for your favourites’ alternatives. I’m gonna take a guess and say that millennials and Gen Z are the most eco-conscience generations. So, no wonder thrifting became the new hit thing. From thrifting shops to local markets, we’re protecting our world and our wallet.

2.      Stop renting happiness

Whenever inflation happens, people scurry to buy more thinking that they better buy when it’s still “cheap”. But it also means that people buy unnecessary items and instead buy for the sake of buying. Then you feel bad about spending so much money on nonsense and start a vicious cycle of emotional spending. Stop that!

Bonus tip: Don’t save your cards’ info. online. You’ll not get up to get your card every time you make an impulsive purchase. This is probably one of the few times your laziness will help you.

3.      Caring is saving

Just like you care about your financial well-being, care about the things in your life. That means; house, car, health, pets, furniture, books, electronics, appliances, clothes, etc.… Extend the longevity of your items, and start caring.

4.      Quit expensive harmful habits

Needless to say, this differs from one person to another. For some, it could be smoking, for others, it could be plugging the phone into the charger all day because they can’t stop streaming Taylor Swift’s Midnights. No judging, but get your priorities straight.

5.      In not out

Food is not only one of the few joys of life, but it is also an essential survival skill. Dining in could save you a lot of money, and get you better quality (fingers crossed). And now, cooking has become as easy as learning the alphabet. Just hit any social media app and you’ll find thousands of easy recipes that could save your money.

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