5 Recession-Proof Jobs

Happy new year, everyone! Everyone is turning a new leaf whether it’s on a personal or a professional level, we’re rooting for you! However, you may be able to start anew, but the economy can’t. It’s still reeling from the lovely economic turmoil of 2022. Some of us have been hit, some of us haven’t, and some of us most probably will never be hit by a recession. I’m talking about recession-proof jobs!

What is a recession-proof job?

Sure, no job is ever 100% safe and even if it’s your own business someone can take it right from under your nose. But a recession-proof job is essentially a job that will always be in high demand despite the state of the economy. What are these jobs you ask?

1.      Healthcare providers

We will never stop getting sick. It’s literally in our DNA! So, no matter how terrible the economy declines, healthcare providers will never run out of business. We cannot live without our underpaid, overworked, essential workers!

2.      Educators

I think COVID-19 has shown us that nothing – I mean NOTHING – will stop parents from sending their kids to school. As much as the majority of us hated going to school when we were younger, we can certainly attest that it was indeed the best decision of our lives that we really had no choice in! No matter how bad the economy gets, educators will never go out of style!

3.      Government employee

Imagine getting all your PTOs, sick leaves, health and social insurance, and a 99% chance of never getting fired! Sure, the pay may be really low considering the circumstances, but the benefits make it more appealing! Government employees act like they own the world (you know it’s true!) and during recessions, it’s true! Simply because governments cannot function without their employees, so even though they probably got us into recession in the first place, the solution to it also falls back on them!

4.      Lawyers & co.

Anything that is related to the legal field thrives in chaos. And what’s more chaotic than a recession?! Generally speaking, recession or not, lawyers do not have to worry about the economy because they’ll always have work to do! However, a recession is a great period for them due to the high divorce rate. Economic pressure plays a huge role in couples breaking up so a recession is just the next level!

5.      IT professionals

This is a techy, techy world! All the jobs that are mentioned here had an IT professional involved, whether they created a lawyer’s scheduling app, a Zoom meeting, or a COVID-19 tracing app! The world is going digital at a great speed and IT professionals are not and will not leave the world’s stage.

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