4 Ways to Slim Down Your Fitness Budget

As we give more focus to our mental health, we know that exercising impacts our mental health too. Another reason why yoga retreats, CrossFit, and the gym craze have been popular these past few years. But this could also put on some weight on our spending habits. So here are a few ideas to slim down your fitness budget.

1. Nature is free

You don’t really need fancy equipment to exercise. You just need the will to get out of bed which could be challenging. If you live close to any parks or even on a not-so-busy street, try waking up early and going for a run.

2. Try before you commit

Many of us pay full price for fitness classes due to the hype around it. We don’t even think that maybe it won’t fit into our schedule or let’s be honest, sometimes we’re definitely not on that level of fitness to join in. We only look for the end result minus the effort. That’s why you need to take advantage of the free classes before committing. Some places offer low-cost walk-in classes instead.

3. Internet is your best friend

Our whole world is backed up by the wonderful world wide web. So, there’s nothing you won’t find there, fitness content included. Whether you wanna start doing yoga (Yoga with Adriene is a great start), Pilates, stretching, or whatever, you’re going to find it there.

4. Personalized fitness equipment

If going to the gym is a hassle, then build your own gym at home. Nothing fancy, obviously. You can start with only what you need. Dumbbells, barbells, and pullup bars are good enough to start. Don’t rush in and buy a giant press machine because the initial rush is going to die down soon.