4 Must-Have Transferable Skills to Beat AI

The AI-backed doomsday is upon us and at some point, in the future, some may be unwanted in some jobs. Robots getting in, you getting out. However, that doesn’t mean you are just wasting your life away tumbling down that corporate ladder. The perk of any job is that it must come with transferable skills.

What is that? They are basically any skill that can be used in any job, it doesn’t matter what your job is, your place of work,  or your field. If somehow you don’t have any transferable skills -which is unlikely- step up your game and start building them!

1. Problem-solving skills

The terrible thing about any job is that you’ll always face problems. The nice thing about it is that employers will always look for someone to solve them! Problem-solving involves pinpointing the problem, using logic, gathering info., analyzing data, and actually coming up with a solution. Almost all jobs involve some type of problem-solving. Cashiers (handling an angry/irresponsible customer), drivers (not every day is a smooth ride), in the coding career (your whole life is a big problem!)

2. Critical thinking skills

Really underrated skill! The more you meet new people, the more you realize that most people lack thinking skills and even more so when it comes to critical thinking! This skill is like the bridge that leads us to solve problems. It’s the ability to evaluate information in order to reach a conclusion or choose a course of action. You Sherlock Holmes your way into solutions. I find that holders of Bachelor of Arts are best at this! Guys, that English degree is not totally worthless anymore!

3. Management skills

Have you ever quit a job before because you absolutely cannot stand your boss?! EXACTLY! No matter where you are on the corporate ladder, you need to know how to be human basically! If you don’t know how to communicate and *guide* not order the people around you, trust me, you won’t be able to retain any job! Micromanagement was the Boomers' way, no one is gonna accept that anymore.

4. BASIC PC skills

You might think “everyone knows the most basic computer skills, what difference does that make?” If you think that, then this point is not for you. If I meet another 20-year-old who doesn’t know how to use/adjust an excel sheet or a word file, I’m going to lose my mind! Trust me, they exist! Go beyond surfing the internet, learn something!

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